Bridal alterations

Alterations for a bridal gown begins with a 30 minute 1st fitting. Please schedule this about 6 weeks from the wedding date! If you would like to come sooner than 8 weeks, schedule the "1st Bridal Fitting: Consultation" appointment option. You may come as late as 5 weeks before your wedding or even less if you are still planning to change weight.

This appointment type includes 2 fittings total, all ADDITIONAL FITTINGS ARE $85. Bridal alterations pricing averages $800. Steaming and a Preservation Kit are optional additional costs.

- Sarah Kolis & Team

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Studio Closed Dates:
Aug 1-4, 2024
Aug 14, 2024
Aug 30-Sept 2, 2024
Sept 24-28, 2024
Oct 5-16, 2024
Oct 22-24, 2024
Nov 7-13, 2024
Nov 27-29, 2024

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Sarah does NOT do:
- Removing a lining
- Custom Overskirts
- Adding a layer to the skirt
- Custom Gloves

Our calendar opens up 4 months out!

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"She’s not only best seamstress and designer but she’s also the best person! I love working with Sarah and recommend her to everyone!"

Megan, 2023

Non- Bridal alterations

Alterations for a non-bridal dress(es) are 15 minute time slots so please be on time for your appointment!

You will need your dress and EXACT shoes for this first fitting! $125 minimum (paid at 2nd fitting) with most dresses averaging $150, and heavily beaded modest gowns tend to start at $250. Please schedule this fitting about 3 weeks (or more) from the event. You may bring multiple dresses/people to this one appointment. Or, tag along with the bride to her fitting appointment!

Book a 1st Fitting

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Sarah does NOT do the following on non-bridal gowns:
- Custom Sleeves
- Adding a lining to the bodice
- Any zipper adjustments whatsoever (including taking in at a side zipper)
- Removing a lining to a bodice
- Adding a layer of material to the skirt or bodice
- Modesty build-ups

Sarah's calendar opens up 1 month out for non-bridal appointments

Studio Closed Dates:
April 10-15, 2024
May 6-14, 2024 (sister's wedding!)
June 20-23, 2024
July 3-6, 2024
July 29-Aug 5, 2024

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HOLLY, 2023

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